Clic-Light Cycle

Your new lighting safety device. Works with all brands and models


Clic-Light Cycle is made of three different parts:  

The Movable Unit, which the user carries on his back with a harness

The Removable Remote, attached to a handlebar or carried in your hand

The Adjustable harness, to which the Movable Unit is attached

Use stop and flashing lights on your bicycle.

As a lighting safety device, Clic-Light Cycle was specifically designed for people using means of locomotion without rear signaling systems: bicycles, scooters, monowheels, etc.

No need to stretch your arm to signal a turn. Thanks to the removable remote, the user may now keep his hands on the handlebar to signal turns, and control over his means of locomotion.

Clic-Light Cycle secures the user, making him more visible on trips and/or in turns. Waterproof, it can be used in any weather.

Functions of Clic-Light Cycle

 Stop Lights 

Secure the user on his trips

 Auto Reverse System 

Whichever the position of the movable unit, it will indicate the right direction

 Fog Lights 

Improve safety in low-visibility conditions

 Hazard Lights 

Useful when the user is in a dangerous situation


The intensity of the LEDs of the Movable Unit is regulated automatically, according to the surrounding light

 Auto Sleep Mode 

The electronic system of the Movable Unit goes to sleep mode after 5 minutes, when the device is no longer used or no longer moving

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