Security is not compulsory yet…
but it is essential!

" In the majority of the studied cases, the cause of the accident is a human mistake: more often than not, another road user does not detect the presence of the motorcyclist in the traffic because of a single moment’s lapse of concentration, or a temporary obstruc-tion of the sightline, or the poor visibility of the motorcyclist. "

Motorcycle Accidents in Deph Study (MAIDS),

In 1998
the NHTSA published a technical report

In 1998, the NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) published a technical report on the long-term efficiency of the third sidelight on private and light com-mercial vehicles. The third sidelight proves useful to prevent collisions from behind because, when the cyclist or the motorcyclist brakes, the third sidelight unambiguously warns road users behind that they should slow down.

- 48 to 54 %
of collisions from behind

Thanks to the third sidelight, collisions from behind are reduced by 48 to 54%, that is to say collisions resulting from the sudden braking of the first vehicle. And because two thirds of all collisions from behind imply prior braking of the first vehicle, these results amount to a 35% cut in collisions from behind of all kinds.

The poor visibility and the absence of the third sidelight on two-wheeled vehicles constantly put cyclists and motorcyclists at risk. In order to address this concern, the Road-Light team looked into this official concern and created Clic-Light.

Clic-Light allows the user to be visible, especially when braking and/or changing direction. It is also an active device, not merely a passive one like fluorescent clothes and other reflective products.

Contrary to standard light systems that two-wheeled vehicles are equipped with, Clic-Light is carried on the back of the user. The standard lights – “Stop Light” and “Flashing Lights” are thus reproduced in a high position and in the sightline of the following road user, even if one turns his or her head or rides with a passenger. Consequently, Clic-Light directly answers a necessity that is sometimes vital: to improve motorcyclists’ visibility and signaling their presence to other road users in crowded traffic in cities or on highways. Indeed, efficiently signaling your changes in direction and when you brake, Clic-Light significantly reduces risks of collision from behind and from the sides, and improves your security.