To be seen is good,
to stand out is better !

Clic-Light improves the security of motorcyclists: it makes them visible and efficiently sig-nals when they change in direction and when they brake. Thus, it allows other road users to drastically reduce risks of collision from behind or from the side.

A few words

Inspired by this quotation from a great man – “Battles in life are not won by the strongest, nor by the fastest, but by those who never give up” – we have endeavored to make of this official concern a viable project, and to improve the protection of cyclists and motorcyclists alike.

Today, the vulnerability of cyclists and motorcyclists on the road is no longer to be ques-tioned, nor to be demonstrated. Victims of limited visibility in dense traffic, they always run a risk. Because the human body makes for the body of the vehicle, the most trivial fall can be fatal.

Conscious of risk and animated by a will to contribute to the diminution of accidents, we endeavor to use all possible means to provide solutions for security that shall be innova-tive and affordable for everyone.

Mohamed Ait El Hadj
CEO at Road-Light SaS

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